End of Season Party – Saturday 18th Nov 2017

End of Season Party confirmed for Saturday 18th November at Cabbages & Condoms

£20 per person – significant others all welcome

Usual merriment of meal, disco, awards etc.

Graham Grieve & Andy Stickley the people to let know if coming and how many – social@alchester-runningclub.co.uk

Tring Ridgeway Run – Sunday 8th October 2017

On 8 October three Alchester runners took part in the Tring Ridgeway race. 10 miles of track and climbs up onto Ridgeway on a pleasant Autumn day. Excellent performance by Claire Court.

Claire Court 172 1.19.06

Nigel Lambert 379 1.35.41

Clare Burnby 414 1.39.25

539 finishers


Oxford Half Marathon – Sunday 8th October 2017*

Name                                      Chip Time

 Andy Stickley                         1:22:04

Chris Lumley                          1:22:31

Jamie Bagnall                          1:22:56

Matthew Thatcher                   1:22:43

Ian Hunter                               1:23:28

James Wright                          1:27:46

Colin Hornby (pacemaker)      1:30:01

Jon Burgess                             1:32:33

Vinnie Bayliss                         1:34:00

Alasdair Kerr                          1:34:53

ROBERT KERR                    1:36:03

Edwina Colclough                  1:37:38

CAROLINE KERR               1:39:44

Rob Evans                               1:43:27

Steven Hopcroft                     1:44:09

Adrian Prior                            1:45:09

Annelies Henshall                   1:55:27

Stuart Wells                            1:57:12

Emma Nelson                          1:58:59

Tony Burke                             1:59:24

Aleksandra Krzyzowska         2:00:22

Nick Cherry                            2:06:11

Elkie Ward                              2:10:05

Sarah Harman                         2:17:49

Kathryn Andrews                   2:20:45

Joanne Burke                          2:41:11


Link to results below (currently not in the best downloadable version into a table).

If you’re not listed a Alchester then can you email chairman@ your time & I’ll get it on


Candleford Canter 2017

We regret to announce that this years race will not be going ahead. We very much hope that the race will continue in 2018 and will see you then

Cardiff Half Marathon – Sunday 1st October 2017

Report from Tony Burke:

  • Joanne Burke.         F 50 – 54   2:26:42
  • Tony Burke              M 50 – 54  2:26:40

Great New pb for Joanne .. 15 min improvement on last Half Marathon time at Oxford. Used a Jeff Galloway run/ walk approach..( mainly running)  worked well. Managed a sprint finish.Big Half marathon in Cardiff. Second largest in U.K. After Great North run. Mainly flat and fast with some inclines and a sneaky little short steep hill at 12 miles.Lovely views across Cardiff Bay Area.