Club Championship

The club runs its own internal championships, divided into gender and age categories:

Senior Men Senior Ladies
Veteran Men over 40 years Veteran Ladies over 35
Veteran Men over 50 years Veteran Ladies over 45
Veteran Men over 60 years Veteran Ladies over 55
Veteran Men over 70 years Veteran Ladies over 65

In October each year the committee selects a number of races over various distances. Club members are allocated points for each race they compete in depending on where they finish compared to other members. At the end of the championships, the points are added up and the person with the highest score wins.  There are male and female, as well as various age group categories and prizes are handed out at the Annual End of Season Party, which usually takes place in November.

Please note the following:
- Championship points will be awarded for finishing places in the race specific to age categories. 
- The Club Committee will substitute races in the calendar should this be necessary due to an event being cancelled.
- Every possible effort will be made to replace a cancelled race with one of a similar distance.
- All trophies will be awarded at the End of Season Party & will be at the discretion of the Club Committee. 

If you have any questions regarding the Club Championship, please contact


Club Championship for 2021-2022

For those of you who are new the club, we have a select list of races throughout the season, for which all runners can earn points towards your age groups title and claim a trophy at the end of the season.


Cross Country

Cross Country races are FREE to enter for all running club members. We will need your consent to share your name, date of birth, gender, age and EA number with Oxfordshire Athletics. If you are happy with these, please add you name to the spreadsheet below:

You?ll receive a race number at your first event, which can then be used for all Oxon Cross Country races until the final round in Henley in March.

This year, races are equal for men and women (approximately 8km) and are mostly off road, so trail shoes/spikes are recommended. The first race in Bicester is almost completely flat to ease you into the series!

You will also need to wear the white club shirt or vest, (not the blue or yellow shirts). If you don?t have one yet, then get in touch with John Nelson (

There will be a photographer ( each event, but if you?d prefer not to have your photo published, please add a ?NO? to the relevant column in the spreadsheet above.


While we?re on the subject of Cross Country, if you?re unable to run, we will need volunteers for the first round please. There are some opportunities where you can run your race, and volunteer for the rest of the event, so please get in touch with a committee member if you?re able to help.


Eynsham 10k

Eynsham 10k takes place at the end of November, and is usually one that sells out quick! There are still places available, so make sure you sign up soon at the link below:®ion=&county=&profile=&raceType=&awards=&entrants=&page=1&pagesize=8&gender=0&onlineentry=0&responseType=html

It?s a fast and flat two lap course around the village.


Hooky Christmas Canter

This race hasn?t been confirmed for this year yet, but we will keep you updated as to when you can sign up.

It?s the one race of the year where you can get away with not wearing the Alchester club vest. BUT YOU MUST WEAR FANCY DRESS!

OK, I can?t actually force you to wear fancy dress, but I can bribe you with 25 bonus points towards the champs!


parkruns and Marathons

Outside of these events, you also have the opportunity to earn points through parkruns and any Marathons you have planned.

From the 1st November to the 31st March, you can submit your best result at Bicester parkrun as an event. Then you?ll be able to submit a second from the 1st April to the end of the 31st October

I?ll send a reminder towards the end of each window to collect your times.


The same applies to your best Marathon from the 1st November to the 31st October (if you plan on doing one). Simply send me your time when you?ve accomplished a Marathon, and I?ll get it added to the championships.

You can also submit a marathon from an Ironman 140.6 event, if that?s more your thing!


The Rules

As always, there?s a few ground rules to go through first to make sure it?s all good, clean fun.


  1. Runners must be a current First-Claim Alchester Running Club member at the time of the event, and must appear in their own name on race results to score points.
  2. Club vest/shirt must be worn to accumulate points. No club vest/shirt, no points. The only exceptions to this are:
    1. Marathon if for a good cause, eg. Running in a charity vest
    2. Hooky Christmas Canter if fancy dress is worn
    3. parkruns
  3. Club name ?Alchester RC? must be entered on race entry/results.
  4. Points will be scored in each age category as follows, and from ?chip time? where applicable: 1st place 100 points, 2nd place 90 points, 3rd place 85 points, 4th place 80 points, 5th place 79 points. Each following position will score 1 less point than the preceding scorer. DNS/DNF will not score points.
    1. Each participant will only score points in the age category that they are in at the start of the championship, or upon joining the club.
    2. Points will be awarded for completion of a full certified and measured marathon (UKA or international equivalent, or as part of an Ironman 140.6) - awarded by time in each age category, and using the same points listed above.
    3. Minimum of 6 events must be completed to qualify for the championship.
    4. Only your 12 best events will be counted towards your total.
    5. It is the responsibility of the participant to email their best parkrun and/or marathon time to
  5. In the event of a tie, head-to-head results will be used to determine a winner.
  6. In the event of a race being cancelled, we reserve the right to add in another.


As long as you enter ?Alchester RC? when you sign up for events, I?ll pick up your results and submit them to the championships. If you?ve already signed up to any events and missed this, let me know and I?ll see how generous I?m feeling!


That?s a lot to take in for one email! Hopefully it doesn?t come across as daunting, but there?s nothing to worry about if anything is unclear. Feel free to get in touch and I can go through anything with you. Send me a message at, or your social media weapon of choice (I?m on the Facebook group too). You?ll also find me at parkrun or suffering through Tuesdays sprint sessions every week!


One last reminder, you have until 9pm on Friday to sign up for the London Marathon. If you?re hoping to win the club?s ballot place, you need to make sure you also sign up for the regular ballot.


Happy Running!

Lewis Long

Virtual Club Championship 2020 - 2021

Well done to all our winners, please find the full listing below:

First:  Kay Owen
Second:  Jonathan White
Third: Jenny McBain

First:  Kay Owen
Second:  Jenny McBain
Third:  Sarah Morley

First:  Jonathan White
Second: Ashley Hayes
Third:  Andy Stickley

Members Choice Awards

Female Runner of the year  Claire True
Male Runner of the year  Jonathan White
Most Improved  Jonathan White
Best Newcomer  Richard Harris
Performance of the year  Emma Willcox (ultras) & Richard Gould (VLM / Club Marathon record)
Club Member of the Year  Andy Stickley

Well done to everyone who won an award, and well done to everyone who took part in the virtual champs.  

Virtual Club Championship for 2020-2021

Following the success of the recent Virtual Races it is with great excitement that we are able to announce that 2021 is the Inaugural "Alchester Virtual Club Championships?.

The Alchester Virtual Club Championships will follow the same format as the normal Club Championships, there will be a total of 20 races and your best scores in 15 races will be your total for the year.  If you don?t want to do a distance, have a bad run or miss a run, it doesn?t matter as your worst 5 scores will be ignored.    

As with the normal Club Championship there will be prizes awarded at the annual awards. The races will be across a wide range of distances, so hopefully enough variety for everyone starting this month and ending in November.  

Dates & distances for this are:


As with previous Virtual events you will be set a target time and the run will need to be completed within a set period of time, targets will be set once a month. 

Points will be awarded based upon who beats their target time by the biggest margin in each race and these will be carried forward into the Championship.  

We hope that everyone is looking forward to it, we are very excited to bring this new Virtual Club Championship. 

A list of further planned distances and rules will follow shortly.  

Club Championship 2019 - 2020 

Well done to all our winners, please find the full listing below:

Senior Ladies
Kathleen Davies
2nd: Claire True
3rd: Olivia Bayliss

1st: Claire Court
2nd: Annelies Henshall
3rd: Ellie Dommett

1st: Lisa Horwood
2nd: Steph Fisher
3rd: Katy Andrews

1st: Caroline Kerr
2nd: Gillian Warson

Senior Men
1st: David Ingram
2nd: Vinnie Bayliss
3rd: Chris Lumley

1st: Paul Leverton
2nd: Andy Stickley
3rd: Jonathan White

1st: Simon Best
2nd: Stephen Sangar
3rd: Steve Bowen

1st: John Nelson
2nd: Rob Kerr
3rd: John Ingram

1st: Nigel Lambert
2nd: David Basham

Summer Virtual Winners
1st Lisa Ward
2nd Katy Andrews
3rd Ruth Daykin

Club Championship Rules and Races for 2018-2019

A copy of the final championship results for the 2018-2019 season can be found here.






Senior Ladies

Aleks Krzyzowska

Emma Nelson

Sam Suter

V35 Ladies

Ellie Dommett

Claire Court

Annelies Henshall

V45 Ladies

Clare Burnby

Stephanie Fisher

Katy Andrews

V55 Ladies

Caroline Kerr

Gillian Warson

Marion Harris

Senior Men

Christopher Lumley

Andrew Kelly

Vincente Bayliss

V40 Men

Gary Warland

Jonathan White

Alasdair Kerr

V50 Men

Simon Best

Stephen Sangar

Steve Bowen

V60 Men

Rob Kerr

Jon Burgess


V70 Men

David Basham

Nigel Lambert


The awards voted by our membership go to:-

Female Runner of the year          Caroline Kerr

Male Runner of the year              Chris Lumley

Newcomer of the year                  Jonathan White

Most Improved Runner                Alan Bowen

Performance of the year              Richard Gould

Club Member of the year             Annelies Henshall & Richard Gould

Burekdale parkrun winner           Andrew Kelly

Volunteer of the year                    Rachel Bowen