Cross Country

About Cross Country

It's free!
Zilch, zero, zippo. Your membership fee each year covers the club's entry costs.

Mud is good essentially.
It's nothing like the days of school cross country and is very much an opportunity to help maintain fitness and focus over the winter as well as providing a some fun. You are running as a team with ladies consisting of teams of 3 and men teams of 7 (remember a lot of these rules were devised when the assumption was women didn't run and whilst they've come along somewhat there are sadly some concepts that still need to be challenged).

What if I'm not a fast runner?
We don't care, we want you to run. 

It is very much a team event and your main challenge is to beat the person in front of you or the person who beat you last time.
Do that and you'll come home happy. You will never get a PB as the terrain differs from year to year and you don't want to get water in your Garmin anyway.

We share lifts to each race...
and have a club tent for sheltering from the elements / somewhere to get changed / leave bags. There is a £4 charge per car for parking.

You will need spikes (and a few carrier bags)and you will get wet and muddy...
Have a look on Sports Direct or Start Fitness for a cheap pair of cross country spikes - you'll pay around £30 for a pair and they will last you for years. Don't worry about colours as within 30 seconds they will be brown and never shiny again. Also a good tip is to buy some longer spikes - 12mm - 15mm.

Race times
Men's race at 11:20 and  ladies' at 12:00 

Every race has a hill ...
and are usually laps so you go up the hill more than once. It's fine, look at Barry Cornelius' photo's and you'll see loads walk up the toughest ones.

What Do I Need To Do?

If you are new to the club and this has convinced you to have a go then let our cross country representatives know ( and they will ensure you are registered. Your email will need to confirm you are happy for your details to be shared with League organisers and also say if do / don't want any photos published.

If you run second claim for Alchester and are contemplating running for us let us know 

Make sure you have a club vest / t-shirt. Without this you can't race as it is restricted to clubs and their runners only.
 John Nelson (see link in the committee section) is your person for kit.

Where and When

Fixtures for 2021/22 

Couple of useful links / notes

Click here to visit the official page of Oxford Mail League

Remember it's a team thing and it's hugely enjoyable and rewarding!