The typical distance that we run on a Thursday is 6 miles and pace varies with some groups running around 7 to 10.30 minute miles.  The aim is that everyone runs for approx 1 hour.  We do insist that no one runs alone so if you are unsure about your pacing or the distance please contact us in advance at so we can work out the best way for you to participate.

Tuesday interval sessions are located in a 'closed off' location making it easier for people to run at their own pace without running alone so if you are worried about your pace over 5/6 miles, these may be a suitable starting point. Sessions normally include a group warm-up followed by intervals over a set distance and a group cool-down. Faster runners will typically run a greater number of intervals than slower runners.

Bicester also has several other running groups that may be a good place to start if you are not yet confident about running 5/6 miles continuously or you do not want to do intervals / pace training. You can find out about several of these here:

This includes groups run by Alchester members Steph Fisher and Katy Andrews,