About Mota-vation


What is it?

Mota-vation is a series of 5 road races held on Thursday evenings, once per month over the summer. They're all chip timed and each about 4 miles long. They're suitable for any club member of any pace, and because so many of our members enter we don't hold our usual Thursday evening club runs on the 5 Thursdays of the year that have a Mota-vation race.


Where does it take place?

The races take place in different villages around Oxfordshire, mostly running on country lanes.


How do I enter?

The club submits a bulk entry in early April for all members who've requested to take part. All members will be emailed with all of the necessary information in good time before that. There is a small entry fee, but our bulk entry comes with a substantial discount, so it's a bargain! The organisers may allow entries to individual race entries later on in the series, and again members will be emailed if/when that becomes available, but this isn't guaranteed.


What do I need?

You need to have entered the series, and you will need to run in a club vest or t-shirt. For this or any other kit enquires contact the club's Kit Secretary via the link in the About->Committee page of the website.


What if I haven't entered?

Unfortunately entry to the first part of the series must be made in advance. If you haven't entered, or can't run for any other reason, then the club does have to provide marshals in return for our heavily discounted entry fee - do consider marshalling if you can help out! Entries to later races may become available on the day, and members will be notified if that's the case.

Our usual Thursday evening club run doesn't take place on Mota-vation evenings, but obviously members are very welcome to organise their own informal runs.


More info

More information is available on Kidlington Running Club's website here:, or contact Alan Bowen via the link on the About->Committee page with any questions.